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Active Peru Bolivia in 12 days
12 Days


Many of us like to be active and go with his life fast. That also reflects the way of travels. This program is perfect for those who don´t have much time but want to see most important sights of Peru and prefer to explore it during the trek. Of course one country is not enough so we added Bolivia and spectacular Lake Titicaca for you to enjoy.

Active Peru Bolivia in 16 days
16 Days


Being sporty and active, achieve goals and enjoying life on the way. This is a program for you to see the most important sights in Peru, icluding memorable Inca Trail, extended for a few days in folkloric Bolivia with breathtaking views of its famous Salar Uyuni.

Peru Galapagos
17 Days


All of the south of Peru with its magnificent activities in Ica, Paracas and Nazca, plus witnessing flying condors in Colca Cañon, inredible Cusco and majestatic Machu Picchu and after that chilling out on the luxury boats during breathtaking life time experience in Galapagos Islands – if you call yourself Explorer this is a program for you.

Peru Bolivia Chile
23 Days


If you call yourself Trekker because you love to explore different parts of the world no matter in what conditions you can achieve it – this is a great option for you. Of course you will find a scent of luxury on the way, but the journey will finishing slowly on very basic 4x4 trip from Salar Uyuni in Bolivia through the driest desert on Earth –Atacama in Chile. On the way of this incredible 25-day-long life experience you will find everything what Peru, Bolivia and Chile has got to offer. Enjoy!

Peru Bolivia Chile Argentina
25 Days


Yes! If you a huge fan of South America and one country to visit is not enough we prepare for you an extraordinary trip from Lima, through deserts, lakes, Inkas treks, majestic ruins, historical cities, salar Uyuni, cultural capital Buenos Aires and finishing on spectacular Iguazu Falls. All in one during this once in a life time 25-days experience. There´s nothing else to do than start packing. Are you ready?

Argentina Brazil Explorer
8 Days

Argentina Brazil Explorer

Two capitols and two completely different ones. Buenos Aires, full of culture, atmosphere, tango, Little bars, and best steaks in the world and Rio de Janeiro - boosting energetic city full of monuments and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And if this is not enough we add magnificent Iguazu Waterfalls with its 270 small waterfulls connected to each other making one of the best spectacle in the nature we can observe.

Chile Easter Island
8 Days

Chile with Easter Island

Chic Santiago di Chile, full of atmosphere towns by the sea Viña del Mar and Valparaiso and incredible Easter Island. A vibrant mix of culture, history and modern touch of its capital. Great adventure.

Santiago - Buenos Aires - Rio
10 Days

Santiago, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro

How about discover more: three completely different characters, atmospheres and activities. Santiago di Chile with its fenomenal food, coast and Wines, Buenos Aires with tango and gypsy districts and Rio with its famous beaches, monuments and open and friendly people. This trip gives you basic and you can choose what you like the most during the stay in each cities from our optional choices or whichever you can find in there. Enjoy!

Chile Glacier
10 Days

Chile with Wine and Glaciers

Incredible offer for those of you who like lively big cities, seasides towns full of character, good wine and breathtaking scenery of mountains. This will take you to journey around incredible Chile from its modern capital untill not touched by the civilization nature around chillian glaciers.

Chilean Glacier
11 Days

Chile and Argentina with Glaciers

You start your incredible journey in modern Santiago de Chile to have one day after cold southern Chilian coast with pinguins and glaciers, pass to Argentinian side and explore glaciers on that side and finishing with great steak and wine in Buenos Aires.

Piramide Mexico
9 Days

Jewels of Mexico

Why don´t you mix in one trip three major precolombian cultures – Inka´s Maya´s and Azteca´s together with great leasure beach experiences in lazur blue beaches of Playa del Carmen in Mexico? Pack your suitcase now and enjoy your best experience in your life.

New York city
6 Days

New York City

The most exiting program – one of the most living, full of variety and pulsing with night life together with momorable places to visit and great shopping cities in the world. Why do not visit New York City for this 6 days long break ?

9 Days

Florida Parks + Caribbean Cuise

This program is designed for the entire families. For children we have amazing and full of surprises and adventures Parks of Disney, Universal Studios and Islas of Adventures in Orlando, Florida and after chillout at the Caribbean Islands of Bahamas where you can soaking sun, enjoy great weather and cristal clear water in the ocean. 9 days of joyfull!!

9 Days

Florida Parks + Miami Beach + Key West

This program is design for the entire families. For children we have amazing and full of surprises and adventures Parks of Disney, Universal Studios and Islas of Adventures in Orlando, Florida and after chillout at the ocean in famous beaches of Miami Beach and snorkeling in Key West. 9 days of great fun!!

Caribbean Cruise
11 Days

Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale

Caribbean cristal clear water, totally chillout, amazing duty free shopping and fun for the whole family outside and onboard the biggest cruise ship in the world – Allure of the Seas. Your dream vacation is waiting for you! Start packing your suitcase!!

11 Days

Caribbean Cruise from Puerto Rico

Caribbean cristal clear water, totally chillout, amazing duty free shopping and fun for the whole family inside and outside of the Adventure of the Seas. Your dream vacation in south Caribbean Islands – living Paradise - is waiting for you! No time to waste start preparing your trip!

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